Drupal Drush Commands

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If you are using Drush you know how powerful this Drupal command line tool can be. It will deploy and maintain a complete Drupal website in seconds. Below is a selection of commands that are useful for a web developer, feel free to take a copy for your own use. For the commands to work you have to ensure that Drush is installed on your computer to find out more go to drupal project drush if you are using Debian it will be in the repositories. The drush commands below are in the directory of the drupal install when being used.


Download Drupal Module using Drush.

drush dl <module name>

Clear  Drupal Caches.

drush cache-clear

To list Drupals currently installed and enabled modules.

drush pm-list

Enabling a Drupal module.

drush pm-enable <module name>

Disable a Drupal module.

drush pm-disable <module name>

Reset admin password using Drush.

drush uli

The result of this command will give you url to paste into your browser you might have to alter the path a little it resets the admin

http://<path of website>/?q=user/reset/1/1331703617/x4z6ONSNgb8U9fdFeaqBJ6nPoINaqo0Ci8QCUOYx27Q
To manually reset a user username use the following command.
drush upwd <username> --password="newpassword"

Enable and disable themes using drush

This allows you to use drush in theme management.

drush http://<url>/ pm-disable <theme_name>
drush http://<url>/ pm-enable <theme_name>
drush http://<url>/ vset theme_default <theme_name>


note: <> Is a varible you the developer needs to place in or path.


Update all contrib modules only

drush pm-update --no-core