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What is a Version Control System?

When creating software members of the design and development team are constantly changing the code base as the software goes through each iteration but at times this can create an issue. Because of rapid development processes, files and code get change or deleted at a very constant rate. An example of this is Purencool Iticket the core grew and expanded so rapidly that each day there are a lot of changes. This creates issues for the development team as they can very easily be working on one part of a system and without knowing it completely break the software. So to stop this from happening almost everyone uses Version Control Systems to protect themselves.

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Is Mac the best tool in business?

We have been in web development for a while and the love for the medium just keeps growing. What never ceases to amaze me though is the Mac verses Windows debate. With a background in networking and development I have been thinking about how both platforms work inside this ecosphere. I find there is alot of mis-information and the real pitfalls are not always discussed in a level headed way. My personal position on which operating system people should use is - neither. I develop and use Linux where ever I can.

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