Installing Symfony 2 because of Drupal 8

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Now that Drupal 8 is starting to use Drupal components I thought that it would be in my best interest to try installing Symfony 2 and read up on its components and how they work. From the start what you find is that it does nothing even after you have created a Bundle. Yaml is completely foreign. But after going through the Symfony 2 Cook Book things started to make sense. I love the command line tools and composer wow and to see it all in OOP, sorry Drupal but it just makes so much more sense and I don't feel like I need to belt my head up against a brick wall and then jump off a cliff. Below are some points that I found interesting when installing Symfony 2. 


  1. You have to tell Symfony 2 that it is production. In Drupal you just move your code base
  2. When you first install Symfony 2 the UI gives you no functionality. Where Drupal gives you a lot of basic functionality out of the box
  3. The Apache or Nginx virtual host index url needs to point to web/app.php
  4. It is all OOP and there is no point and click to create the structure of your website or application
  5. All the parts of Symfony 2 can be used independently 


I know that Drupal is a CMS/Framework and Symfony 2 is a straight framework and comparing these two different tools sounds crazy. But understanding the foundation of Drupal 8 will assist in developing modules. I have found this already with how the structure works and name spacing. It does take some effort but I would recommend it.