Learn to use vim and forget the plugins

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The more and more I use vim the quicker my productivity becomes this has allowed me streamlined my development tool chain. One of the issues over the years I kept finding myself doing is extending vims functionality to make it work like an IDE and more mouse friendly. I happen to find these videos on how to use vim from Derek Wyatt.org.

To my amazement I found that I had missed the whole point of vim. Using buffers instead of tabs and learning how to navigate and edit without using the arrow keys and a mouse has really shown me the power off vim.

If you are going to learn vim don't make the same mistake I made. Learn to use this text editor without all functionality (vim plugins) installed.  It does take some time to learn but it speeds you up because you are using less key strokes. Is  this not what we all want less key strokes and less mouse movement with more commits to GIT.

Once you have learned vim properly and you want to extend it by all means do. After watching the videos and implementing what I had learned I found I did not need as many plugins. I have attached my current vimrc file so you can see what environment I am using to develop code.

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