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Website Analysis

Website Analysis

Purencool can analyse an existing website and create a report outlining where the website has points that inhibit its relevance and/or ranking. By finding how your website interacts with other services like Google, Bing and other social networks we can advise and assist with identifying areas to target and improve. Areas we can also examine on your existing website are keywords, page weight, html semantics (See our SEO checklist) and content ratios and compare them to what is industry standard. Below are some of the standards we test your current website against to get a greater understanding of how search engines view your site,

  1. W3C web site development standard
  2. Html semantics standard set out by W3C
  3. Accessibility standard enforced by alot of Governments
  4. UX this helps us understand how users see your website
  5. Ensuring the your website is trustworthy

This also indicates what your market segment is searching for and requesting in relation to finding your product or services. Our clients receive a written analysis of their current websites deficiencies and our recommendations to improve the sites overall potential capacity. After consultation with you we can implement a process to help your website achieve better customer interaction and discoverability.

Business Cards

Business cards designed for small business

In the digital era it is essential that all businesses brand their products or services uniformly and effectively across all media and platforms. This helps deepen identity recognition for your customers in the competitive global marketplace. But what about old school physical branding items are they still relevant? Yes, business cards and letterheads represent a professional image people will remember. Your brand stays with them, never has downtime and is working for you 24/7. It is crucial to communicate your brand correctly and effectively.

"Effective marketing tools to gain new business"

Let us help you capture the attention of your target audience by using our creative experience and custom designing a piece of your business identity to create that lasting impression.

Business cards

Business cards have become an extension of brands. They are often the first time a client or employer is exposed to your brand. Business cards are still a primary method of communication and can be used as an effective marketing tools to gain new business, spread the word about you and ensure a clear and complete branding image. If you're armed with business cards at all times you will ensure that you never miss an opportunity to make a valuable business connection. Yes pure n cool will develop a business card that potential customers and new contacts automatically understand how professional you are.

Logo Design

logo design

Your logo is the face of your brand, it identifies your business, it should accurately represent you and distinctly set you apart so your business is top of mind for your customers. A business logo deserves to be uniquely designed for you to aid and promote instant public recognition. It is an integral part of a company's identity and helps to set the overall tone for all collateral, whether digital or print related items.

Our knowledge of how colour, shapes, trends and consideration of the end use can dramatically impact on how a visual piece of communication is received by the viewer. Is your logo looking dated and in need of a fresh approach? Or are you a start-up brand new business without a logo?, talk to us about how our graphic designers can help you get the logo your business deserves.

Social Media Setup

Social media set-up

To set up Social Media Branding you’ve got your business website sorted and bought your domain, great, what's next? You will want to ensure that your whole online brand is unified, establish and lock in your business name across all of your social media accounts. We can register your business handles and set up your business networks with our Social Media Branding packages tailored to suit your needs. Give your business a professional edge by uniquely branding with your business name, logo, avatars, web and contact details. Call us to discuss your Social Media Branding set up requirements and secure your business name where it counts.

Digital Branding

Digital branding

Purencool work with you to create a relatable brand that will make you stand out and resonate with your target audience. All businesses need digital branding to be consistent and stamped on everything so your customers can easily identify you in all scenarios. The most essential factor for your success is how well you are branded, customers need to distinguish you from your competitors.

"Influential digital branding will get repeat business"


To find those differences we identify key aspects of your businesses target market by brainstorming your brands positioning, essence, values and tone. Then we create beautiful digital designs that will clearly display the important message of your brand.

Finding elements that communicate your core beliefs and displaying them artistically to characterise what will become your digital brand is really important and something we can achieve. This will communicate to potentiality customers what it is that makes your business's services and products more desirable than others.

The objective we have for all our clients is your various branding assets like logos, stationery, social media, and websites create a social contract with your customers. This recognisable, influential digital branding will get repeat business. Make your digital branding visible and appealing to your target audience.

Brochure Design

Brochure design

From a single sided flyer through to a more detailed document, we can help with layout ideas and formatting for your next brochure. Printed material allows the customer to interact with the design in a tangible way, hold it in their hands feel the paper, turn the pages. They can refer to a printed item instantly and even share it with others for discussion. A properly designed brochure is another way to achieve a cohesive professional image of your business and communicate valuable information to your customers, why not call us to discuss your brochure requirements.

Website Creation

Web design and  creation

With years of experience in the design, development and the management of websites, we have the background, tools and world class software to deliver your project successfully. Almost all clients usually have a similar request when discussing their new website " it just needs to give us no worries". With years of experience behind us, creating and managing websites of various sizes the Purencool team have the technical ability to ensure our clients get what they need, stability, reliability and “no worries”. All of our sites large or small are responsive, mobile friendly, this allows our clients to have access to all market segments no matter what device there customers they are using. Every site that we build is SEO friendly with the ability to integrate into all social media networks to increase exposure and draw more traffic.

Small business website construction

Purencool have created a range of websites suited to small business that have great professional layouts. Whether you are looking for a small brochure type of website to target markets close to home or a larger website to service Central Victoria, Melbourne or beyond your local Bendigo web design team can achieve this. All of our websites have been created by our in-house designer and the website of your choice can be deployed quickly with minimum fuss to you usually within fourteen days of payment. Click here to see our current  business website starter 

Custom business websites

The realisation to most businesses today is that management of a custom built website tailored to your needs is crucial. This allows you to get on with doing what you do best and look after your own business needs. With the use of our customisable tools we can create, extend and manage your website with ease. Your website could begin as a public site and with little effort or without rebuilding a whole new system we can extend the same website with current information to an Intranet, e-commerce facility or something else that you need for your users to get the message you want them to receive. Our graphic design industry knowlege can create a tailored website to suit your business and stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke Website

This type of website or online application is for the client that can't use standard Content Management Software and needs to be extended for the functionality required to reach their customer base. We have vast exposure in transforming an old code base into a modern framework whilst keeping the website working. We have the ability to create and use various high performance web services so that customers can access information from different devices.

Online software and services

Purencool Website Development use world class Drupal software that is extensible or takes future growth into consideration to create a website that can provide you with functionality that can be deployed in almost any situation. We highly recommend this software that is being developed by thousands of professionals around the world. Drupal is being utilised for websites like the Australian Government, The White House, NBC, Pinterest, and Because of its stability, extensibility and security it is our first choice for building world-class websites. For those websites that cannot be extended by Drupal and are highly bespoke we use Symfony2 or Silex to successfully achieve these websites. They are extremely flexible and can work in different environments. This software is being use by the Swiss government database, Vogue France and National Geographic Traveler and the latest version of Drupal is based on a Silex software code base.

Web design & Usability

Web design & usability

The design of a website really relates to the “look and feel”, or what do users see and how does that make them feel?

Another aspect is a sites interactivity, how do users relate to what they are seeing, is information presented clearly and in a concise manner, are important elements in appropriate areas making choices easier?

An important facet of web usability is responsiveness, testing content on various devices and screen sizes. Is the website still identifiable, readable, how much effort does the user need to put in compared with the standard site? Multiple web browser testing ensures a consistent user experience regardless of their choice of web viewing software.

Creative & Conceptual

woman explaining concept ideas

Sometimes you don’t know where to start, or you're stuck on a certain aspect of a project, from an initial chat and brainstorming ideas to choosing a look and overall feel of a project, our creative and conceptual services will help to discover and unlock the mystery of the graphic design process one step at a time. Valued input from our talented team of graphic designers will help you clarify your focus on your business goals. We undertake detailed design briefs and dig deep into what exactly it is you need.

This is the stage to dream a little, explore avenues, and finally put some stakes in the ground to get the project rolling. Have a project idea or something you're stuck on? Let us work with you to get ideas flowing and create an exciting collaboration.