What is a Drupal Developer? Part Two

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From our last post we worked out that a Drupal developer means different things to different people, but what does that mean for a new developer? I can give you some idea of the elements that make a Drupal developer that have helped me understand this large community. A Drupal developer knows a little about everything but their skill set is deep in certain areas. 

The issue really arises when a person, agency or recruiter is looking for a Drupal Developer. They want one that suits their particular circumstances they then by extension create a view of what a Drupal developer is and start looking for that type of person.

For anyone that is now discouraged by this, don’t be. A changing point for me was to stop looking for what a Drupal developer is and start looking at the elements that make a Drupal developer. I've compiled a list of what elements make a Drupal developer but remember you will not know it all in the beginning. You may have an idea of some, you can do other parts and other parts of the list will be something to work on.


The first list is general things that a Drupal developer would need

  • Communication skills
  • How to use a version control system 
  • Understand what a design, UX person does
  • Know what a CMS role is
  • Know what project management methodologies are and how to use them. 
  • Understanding the Drupal community
Languages that a Drupaler will need to understand or be able to do
  • OO PHP
  • Javascript(JQuery)
  • CSS(scss/less)


Below are the different job titles that cover the web development industry. Most Drupal developers fit into one or more of these categories
  • System architect
  • Back-end developer
  • Front-end developer
This list displays the skills that are Drupal developer specific and how they fit into the web industry roles above
  • Aegir server (system architect)
  • Module Development (Backend Development)
  • Profiles (Backend Development)
  • Site Builder (Backend and Frontend development)
  • Theming (Frontend development)


These lists are by no means definitive and realise that each list item has a subset of skills attached to them. If you are new to Drupal remember to look at the elements that make a Drupal developer because they can vary depending on the context.