What is a Version Control System?

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When creating software members of the design and development team are constantly changing the code base as the software goes through each iteration but at times this can create an issue. Because of rapid development processes, files and code get change or deleted at a very constant rate. An example of this is Purencool Iticket the core grew and expanded so rapidly that each day there are a lot of changes. This creates issues for the development team as they can very easily be working on one part of a system and without knowing it completely break the software. So to stop this from happening almost everyone uses Version Control Systems to protect themselves.

You use version control methods all the time

Most people don't realize they use Version Control Systems they have created for themselves all the time. Many of us have multiple folders on our computer that are sorted into music, documents, images, and other assorted files in a way that is understandable. We will then copy that information onto a portable drive so that we can access and protect information in a structured way. This is a simplified way of a Version Control System but it is the foundation for what a version control system does it protects, copies, and allows access to information or data so that it does not get lost or deleted accidently.

What is Version Control Systems software

Version Control Systems or also known as Revision Control Systems are a way of organizing and maintaining a group of files in a structured way so that the data or in our case software is not lost and is easy to maintain. It allows the users or groups of people to collaborate while working on the same data. Using version control software helps in tracking changes as well as reversing any changes that have been made. It also helps with the history of a project which can assist management make informed decisions on production of the software or any sort of digital production. 

It is a very important tool in any modern day software environment as it helps a software business understand exactly where their product is in the development cycle.  

Are there different types of Version Control System?

Yes, there are many different types of Version Controls Systems they are all trying to achieve the same thing a way to structure software or data so that it can be saved and protected, below are some mainstream Revision Control Systems.

Git is a Version Control System that was created for the Linux Kernel but is used for much more.

Mercurial it has some large backers like Google and Microsoft and is used all over the world.

bazaar has the privilege of being used by Ubuntu and MariaDB (newer version of Mysql).

The providers of Version Control Systems are many and all of them have advantages and disadvantages. Which one is the best for your circumstances? The biggest mistake most people make is they don't stop and work out the needs of their business situation and then go and match a Version Control System. If you would like to know more about Version Control Systems Wikipedia has a whole page committed to the subject (List of revision control software).

The best Version Control Software we have found

Purencool Website Development uses Git as our Version Control System the reasons are many. In our circumstances as a service provider of the Drupal framework it is really a strategic choice as this is where Drupals code base is situated (Drupal on github)